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From Science to English, and Mandarin, to Mathematics, we are here to satisfy the diverse requirements from you. In a world of competitive home tuition agencies like Tuition Hero, Smart Tutor, Start Tuition, We/My Quality Tutor guarantees to equip students with the best service together with our professional and experienced home tutors in Singapore.

Tuition fees for private home tuition Singapore

Tutor's qualification
Student's LevelPart-Time / UndergraduateFull-Time / GraduateCurrent / Ex MOE teachers
Pre-School$20 - $30$30 - $40$40 - $50
Pri 1 - 3$20 - $30$30 - $40$50 - $60
Pri 4 - 6$25 - $35$35 - $45$50 - $70
Sec 1 - 2$30 - $40$40 - $50$60 - $80
Sec 3 - 5$30 - $40$40 - $55$60 - $90
JC / Poly / Post - Secondary$40 - $50$50 - $80$90 - $120
IB / IGCSE$30 - $70$40 - $90
Language$35 - $45$45 - $60



Part-time tutors are usually undergraduate/graduate students who are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degree. Most of the tutors have studied Singapore’s primary, secondary and tertiary education system and thus are very familiar with the system. They are also young and vibrant, making the class very interesting and easy-to-connect.


Full-time tutors are usually degree holders who have decided that teaching is their passion. These tutors usually have more than 5 years of experience. As tutoring is their only job, they will usually spend time to keep themselves updated with the syllabus and know from their experience about what are the usual problems that students encounter. They are very committed to long-term tuition, thus students do not need to change tutors often.


Current/Ex MOE teachers are certified by National Institute of Education (NIE). They teach at schools and thus have the latest updated
syllabus. They could be experts in a certain subject and able to coach the students according to the latest syllabus.

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